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Brickell Plus: Miami Incentives for Honda drivers

Miami Honda Dealership, Brickell Honda, is the first Honda dealership in Miami to offer incentives of up to $3000 to its new Honda car buyers. BKM-Plus-Logo-No-DescriptionBrickell Plus is not just a service package, but is a way to change the way you think about buying a new Honda, and can only be found in Miami at Brickell Honda locations. Brickell Honda Plus immediately rewards new Honda buyers with gift cards for gas and free car washes, which will help you do what we as Miami-ites do best, which is to ride in style to all of our favorite places. But perhaps some of the most enticing rewards of Brickell Plus are things that can help out under the hood. Car owners with the Brickell Plus plan receive service discounts and specials for lube and oil changes, minor and major repairs, and periodic maintenance. Best of all, Brickell Honda will give you a free loaner car while your car is being worked on, because if you’re like me, you probably don’t have the spare time or the schedule to allow for a lay-over in an auto shop. Brickell Honda Plus drivers also receive discounts on car parts and accessories, and can even get referral bonuses for recommending their friends to save with the Brickell Honda Plus plan.

So let’s review what we’ve just talked about here: With the Brickell Plus program, Brickell Honda will help you take care of your car, will help you pay for gas, and will make sure your car looks good while doing it; and best of all, it’s FREE when you purchase a new Honda from Brickell Honda of Miami. If you add up everything, there are over $3000 in savings just for buying a Honda. What’s not to like about this program?

Note:For more Information on the Brickell Honda Plus program, just visit http://www.brickellhonda.com/brickell-plus.htm

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