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2009 Honda Fit fits comfortably in Miami driveways

According the rankings and reviews published by the U.S News, the 2009 Honda Fit ranks number 1 as the most affordable small car. The new redesigned 2009 Honda Fit is larger and sportier then it’s past models making it a good choice for Miami drivers. The 2009 Honda Fit was also named the 2009 U.S News Best Car for the Money in the subcompact class. It is a car Miami drivers can count on for reliability and durability. Many in the auto industry love the Honda Fit because of its fun driving dynamics, fuel efficiency and unique cargo and seating modes. The Honda cars’ qualities fit the everyday Miami drivers need and style.

The 2009 Fit is now slightly larger and has sacrificed some of the last generation’s fuel efficiency to improve its all-around driving experience. The windshield has been moved forward by 4.7 inches to add to improve visibility and add to the sense of spaciousness. Rear passengers are treated to 1.6 extra inches of rear legroom which is ideal for Miami drivers who carpool. The engine’s 9 horsepower increase and variable valve timing provides more pep out the gate, while a stiffer chassis facilitates tauter handling. Despite all the recent changes, the 2009 Fit still comes in two trims, the base model and the Fit Sport. Car and Driver describes the Honda Fit, “If there’s a better combination of thrift, practicality, and fun-to-drive, we haven’t seen it yet”. You can check out the latest deals on Honda Fits in your local Miami dealership: http://www.brickellhonda.com/new-inventory/index.htm?SByear=clear&SBmake=Honda&SBmodel=Fit&SBbodystyle=clear&SBprice=clear

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