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101 on buying Used Honda’s in Miami

Let’s face it, buying a car is almost as terrifying as visiting your dentist; but sooner or later you have to face your fears. Instead of dreading the next visit to your local Miami dealership, we decided to let you in on some tips for making your Miami used car-buying experience easy. Just follow these easy steps, and you will be on your way to used car heaven.

Step 1: Reasons for buying a Used Car

Congratulations, you already made a smart financial decision in purchasing a used Honda car instead of buying a new car. Used Honda cars are usually 20 to 30 percent cheaper than new Honda cars and are more reliable today then ever before. Some used cars are still under the factory warranty and most new carmakers now sell certified used cars, which include warranties.

Step 2: Making the Right Decision

Before you decide on buying one specific vehicle, you should look at the future effects your new used car will have on your monthly budget. Thankfully, Honda has a long line of used vehicles to choose from: Civic, Insight, Accord, CR-V, Odyssey, Pilot and Fit. You should research what used vehicle your Miami dealership has available and look into different pricing options.

Step 3: Bargaining

The cost of a used car is based on its condition, mileage, reliability, performance and popularity. It is more than likely that you will pay a premium for a car that is considered to be popular in Miami. In 2006, for example, an estimated 44 million used cars will be sold as compared to an estimated 17 million new cars. While the average sale price of a used car is estimated at about $13,900, the average price of a new car is estimated at roughly $27,800.

Step 4: Research

It is important to research your prospective car before buying it. Car ratings are an important feature to look at when comparing which Honda vehicle to purchase. It is also important to run a vehicle history report on any used Honda car you are considering buying.

Step 5: How much is too much?

You must figure out how much you can afford before making any decisions. You have already figured out how to finance the car from step 2, which will help you avoid any surprise costs. Estimate these three figures and use them as a guide:

Monthly payment. If you are going to take out a loan, how much can you afford to pay each month?

Down payment. How much cash can you put down to reduce your monthly payments?

Purchase price of the car. Answering the first two questions will help you determine a realistic price range for your used car. Use these numbers when you are at your Miami Honda dealership negotiating a car to make sure you don’t go overboard.

Step 6: Set up Financing

You have three options for how to pay your used Honda car. You can pay cash, finance through a bank or online lender or credit union, or you can finance through the dealer. The recommended option is for you to finance through a bank because you have more control of the transaction and you usually save money.

Step 7: Used Honda Dealerships in Miami

The best place to buy used or new vehicles is at your local Miami Honda dealership. You want to make sure to go to a Miami Honda dealership that offers certified used Honda cars that have been thoroughly inspected and are backed by attractive warranties. The highly recommended local Miami dealerships are Brahman Honda, Potamkin Honda, and Brickell Honda. You can visit them online at http://www.brickellhonda.com

Step 8: Test Drive your Used Honda

You have to inspect the Honda vehicle and make sure it is in proper condition before you purchase it. Usually your first impression of a car is how you will feel once you sit in it. Be cautious of buying a car that has had major repairs such as transmission rebuilds, valve jobs or engine overhauls

Step 9: Negotiate

First things first, once you are ready to buy your used Honda car let the dealer know that you have the cash in hand and make a deal on the spot. You then must have a persuasive argument as to why the price is too high in order to have the dealer give you a better offer. Remember, dealers have a lot of experience when it comes to negotiating, don’t give up too soon!

Step 10: Make it official

Review your contract thoroughly to make sure you understand the costs and statements made on it. You should then proceed to inspect the car before you take possession of it. Once all the paperwork is completed, you can begin to enjoy your new Honda purchase.

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