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The 2010 Honda Insight does well overseas and in Miami

 The 2010 Honda insight seems to have caught more buzz internationally then expected. Could it be because it was tagged the cheapest gas-electric hybrid on the market? This is one reason the Honda Insight gained so much attention in the United States and especially Miami. Gas prices have been considerably high in Miami lately and “Miamians” know how to save their money wisely. But not only is the Honda Insight ranked high among Miami fans, it ranked as the top-selling vehicle in Japan for April – the first time a hybrid has clinched that spot.


Honda Motor Co. has pitched the Insight as an affordable hybrid though such vehicles have a bigger price tag than gasoline engine cars because they’re packed with expensive green technology. The starting price for the Honda Insight is $19,800 in Miami. You can check out what specials your local Miami Dealership is offering to get the best price on your 2010 Honda Insight. It was no surprise that Honda sold 10,481 Insight cars in April in Japan, according to data released Monday by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association.


But Honda will face tough competition from a revamped version of the world’s top-selling hybrid, the Prius, from Japanese rival Toyota Motor Corp. The revamped Prius is set to be introduced next week and Toyota executives have made clear they are aware of the challenge from the Honda Insight. Toyota is expected to be aggressive with its pricing, although the Prius is a bigger car than the Insight and would be expected to carry a higher price tag.


Interest in ecological cars, especially in Miami, is growing because of government incentives for green technology as part of efforts to stimulate spending amid a recession. Being that the Honda Insight gives you the best return on investment, it is definitely the way to proceed in going green in Miami. To learn more about the 2010 Honda Insight visit your Local Honda Dealership.

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Lowest Priced Honda’s at your Miami Dealership

Are you looking to find the lowest price on Honda Accords, Civics, Insights, Fit, Elements, Pilot, or Odysseys? Find all types of trim models at Brickell Honda from LX, EX, EXL, and X Sport. There is no haggling in our Honda dealership, we always offer the lowest price, no negotiating and hassle-free. We want to offer you the best price on your Honda in Miami. View are long line of used certified Hondas where Honda trained technicians inspect our Honda cars and make sure they are they best quality used Honda’s in Miami. Take a look at our website,, or stop by to see the latest inventory and offers we can give you on your next Honda purchase.

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Honda: Smart Shopping in Miami at its Finest

My Mother is a special woman, and is probably one of the most passionate value hunters in the United States. When I was growing up, she would often get to my Dad’s Sunday Miami Herald newspaper before he would, just so she could clip the coupons and scour the circulars from the various stores around town.. She taught me the satisfaction that could be felt from discovering relevant 2-for-1 deals or getting your coupons doubled at the supermarket. She would tell me, “the key to smart shopping is making sure that the products you buy are as high in quality as possible for the lowest price possible, and sometimes it takes a little research to find these deals”.

Now I am ‘all grown up’ as they say, and I still follow her example in being a smart consumer. Over the years, my friends would rib me about my smart shopping habits, until today’s hard times forced all of my friends to become smart shoppers too. So, with me being the way I am, I did a little research to figure out what and who makes the true smart shopper’s car. Of course I had to consider things such as miles per gallon ratings, reliability, and service; I also considered style and function as well, because there’s no use in saving money if you don’t look good in the end, right?

I began by getting in touch my friends at Brickell Honda Miami, because I figured that they would know who or what to refer to for my search. Luckily, the folks at Brickell Honda pointed me to a very useful resource- Edmunds Car Guide ( Edmunds releases a figure annually called True Cost to Own® for every vehicle on the market.  The True Cost to Own® (TCO) resource is promised to help you “discover true value beyond sticker price”, and it does. The True Cost is evaluated based upon 7 attributes besides sticker price (depreciation, fees and taxes, fuel, repairs, maintenance, insurance, and financing) that can drastically drive up the cost of owning a new vehicle over 5 years.

One key feature of the is the ability to compare the “True Cost” of similar vehicles. I began by comparing the Honda Accord to other cars in its class. The TCO of the Honda Accord was at the top of its class, and well ahead of its closest competitors. When I checked the Honda Civic, it was the same story. I ended up going through all the rest of the Honda vehicles’ TCO’s, and of the eight I found on the site (Accord, Civic, CR-V, Element, Fit, Odyssey, Pilot, and Ridgeline), 6 were ranked at the top of their class (the other two were ranked second in their class). Those are some impressive stats if you ask me; it is clear that Honda is the top car brand for value in America, and is the brand that all true smart-shoppers should trust. My mother would definitely say so.

For quotes and more information on Honda vehicles, visit

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Get Service on your Honda the Miami Way

It is in our nature to care for the things we love and need in our lives. From our relatives down to our shoes, we know the best ways to maintain and keep them looking and feeling new. It’s obvious that we must look after our belongings in order for them to maintain their “new feel”. Miami residents know how important it is to own a reliable and stylish vehicle. Miami drivers know that the best way to care for their vehicles is to get them serviced at their local Miami dealership.

Even the most reliable cars, such as Hondas, need to get serviced as frequently as possible. Honda’s are a very popular car in Miami because they are so reliable and yet maintain a stylish frame. Miami drivers know how detrimental Miami streets can be for your Honda car. Potholes located in almost every street corner are inevitable and can cause major damage to your tires. Bumper to bumper traffic in Miami can also lead brake malfunctions in your Honda car. The most important reason for getting your car serviced though is for safety reasons. It is important for you to drive safely through these busy Miami streets in your Honda car in order to avoid getting into car accidents.

Some Miami dealerships offer great prices on service specials and offer their services quickly and efficiently. Get great deals on battery specials, lube and oil specials, inspection specials, and tire specials.

So the next time your car starts feeling a little ‘rusty’ make sure to have it serviced at your nearest Miami Honda Dealership.

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Get your 2009 Honda Ridgeline at your Miami Honda Dealership

I know, I know. Many people in Miami have no need for a truck. Many other people in Miami do, however, and the Honda Ridgeline is up to the challenge for those who need strength, function, and of course, Honda safety and dependability. The caption on the Ridgeline website may put it the best: ‘Here, brawn meets brains’.
Under the hood, the Honda Ridgeline is powered by a 250-horsepower engine, which allows the Ridgeline to comfortably tow over 2½ tons of boat, trailer, or whatever else you can hook up to it. The power of the engine itself is managed by Honda VTM-4 (variable torque management-4) 4 wheel drive system, which allows for smooth and headache-free towing. The engine gets 20 highway mpg, which is impressive when considering the MPG figures of the competition.
On the outside, the Ridgeline’s aggressive styling cases a closed-box frame and one of the safest trucks ever created. The National Transportation Safety Administration (NTSA) awarded ridgeline its 5-star crash test rating, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named Ridgeline as a ‘Top Safety Pick’ for 2009. One of the most impressive exterior features is Ridgeline’s ‘In-Bed Trunk’ which is just as it sounds- a lockable storage trunk that is actually inside the truck’s bed, which is quite useful when you’re just hauling groceries instead of wood or bricks.
The inside of the Ridgeline is just as innovative as the outside and under the hood are. The inside is a crew cab that has room enough to seat 5 comfortably, and all the creature comforts that you would usually expect to find in a new car, (but not a pickup truck).  Selected models even come with power outlets. bluetooth capabilities, rearview cameras, and GPS navigation; check with for more information on these features.
The Ridgeline is once again another victory of form and function for Honda, and is brawny enough to suit the urban cowboy in even the most demanding Miami driver. It is available at Brickell Honda2009 Honda Ridgeline Interior

2009 Honda Ridgeline

2009 Honda Ridgeline

of Miami, or online at

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The 2009 Honda Pilot: Ready for Miami Streets

The Honda Pilot was redesigned for the 2009 model year. This model has a more rugged feel to keep up with its competitors. The new Pilot is now available at your local Honda dealership, but for the best deal, visit Brickell Honda. Brickell Honda in Miami is known for its Brickell Plus program and putting the customer first and insure they get the best deal on a new 2009 Pilot.  Check out their website at
The Pilot’s new look is keeping up with its competitors in the growing SUV market in Miami. It’s available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and in four trim levels: LX, EX, EX-L and Touring. Third-row seating? Not a problem with the new 2009 Honda Pilot! The new Pilot has extra room for adults. Its shape and a total cargo capacity of 87 cubic feet means that the Pilot can handle just about anything the average family can cram into it.
We all know that driving in Miami is a force to be reckoned with. The all-new 2009 Honda Pilot has earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) TOP SAFETY PICK and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) best-possible crash safety rating1 of 5 stars for both frontal and side impact performance. Honda’s complete line of 5-Star crash safety rated light trucks includes the 2009 Pilot, the 2008 Honda CR-V, the 2008 Honda Element, the 2008 Honda Odyssey, and the 2008 Honda Ridgeline.
All Honda Pilots are powered by a 3.5-liter V6 that generates 250 horsepower and 253 pound-feet of torque. A five-speed automatic is the only available transmission. The LX comes standard with 17-inch steel wheels, keyless entry, a tilt/telescoping steering wheel, full power accessories, cruise control and a seven-speaker CD/MP3 audio system. The EX adds 17-inch alloy wheels, a power driver seat, an in-dash six-CD changer, tri-zone automatic climate control and satellite radio. The Honda Pilot EX-L upgrades to leather upholstery, heated front seats, a sunroof and a rearview mirror-mounted back-up camera. The high-end Touring model includes a 10-speaker audio system and a navigation system. A rear-seat entertainment system is optional for the Touring. Driving in Miami has never been better.
Go to Brickell Honda in Miami for the best deal on a new 2009 Honda Pilot. Drive a new Honda Pilot in Miami! It is available for lease starting at only $299.00 per month for 36 months. $2,999.00 total due at signing.
For more information, visit

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